lately whenever i plug my iphone into my laptop to charge it it stops at 70/80% and says it’s drawing too much power from the laptop and has to like eject it or whatever? idgi it’s never done this before… 6_6

when u lay down for the first time after being out doin stuff for hours:

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"Waiting at St. Francis" by Jamie K. in 2014

Featuring photos of myself.

i have had full fledged nervous breakdowns over stockings having too much lint embedded in them, it has caused me to be terribly late to social outings or events or just not even want to leave the house at all 

honestly it is kind of a problem and i hate it

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Your fave is problematic: Potion Seller



  • Refuses to sell his strongest potions
  • Has no respect for knights
  • Is a rascal

god I’m so sick and tired of people shitting on Potion Seller and conveniently forgetting that

  • his potions are too strong for you traveler
  • you can’t handle his potions, they’re too strong for you
  • his potions would kill you traveler you can not handle them
  • why should he respect knights when his potions can do anything they can

I mean alright if you don’t like Potion Seller I get it, they’re not for everyone, and hell even I’ll admit that his strongest potions would kill a dragon, let alone a man, but nothing is stopping you from just going elsewhere for your potions, and finding a seller who sells weaker potions.



this is illegal as fuck



this is illegal as fuck

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pukakke said: omg did you take pictures? ;w;

i wish i coulda but they all flew off too quick for that to have been possible u_u; also it’s really dark out anyways

Fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: emma
State the name that your parents almost named you: honestly my dad wanted ‘sally may’/sally because he’s a redneck.. im not sure mom had any other ideas that she actually considered other than emma
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? my mom and my uncle probably…….. idk theres some on my mom’s side i can talk casually with for a bit but generally i don’t get along with most of my family.. sometimes my brother is tolerable
Did anything embarrassing happen this week? i asked someone if anyone had ever licked their boots before, bc they had really nice boots, and i was just curious if anyone else had licked them.. but they looked at me really funny what i asked was totally fucked up or something.. it didnt seem fucked up to me..
Do people praise you for your looks? sometimes but it goes both ways. i’ve been told i’m gorgeous i have also been told i’m fucking hideous. both are fine to me at this point. i dont care anymore.
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? black, patterns, green, red (though NEVER green AND red unless the green is incredibly light or the red is more of a pink i guess), darker pinks
Do you work out every week? man i have not worked out in..ages..and i need to do SOMETHING about it…(been tellin myself this for fuckin ages though)
Do you like your smile? not at all i fucking hate it. i think it looks ok once every blue moon but i avoid smiling in pictures as much as fucking possible.
Do you like your eyes? egh not really
Do you think you are pretty? maybe a few times a month if at all, or if it’s often it can be pretty fleeting. depends on my outfit and how broken out my skin is and my mood and a lot of things. i love my body, i think i have a great fuckin body, but my face and my hair bother me often.
How much money is in your account? what “account”……..i literally only use cash and paypal..
Are you single? no 
Do you want kids? NO
What does your backpack look like: too lazy to find a pic of it or take a pic but it’s clear plastic with orange trim
What celebrity do you think is attractive? just gonna sayshelley duvall but there are so many pretty ladies out there (lindsay lohan is like my automatic answer to any question like this)
Last movie you saw in theaters: guardians of the galaxy and boy was that movie a piece of flaming shit.. i honestly want to push the memory of that movie out of my mind pretty bad

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the remaining waxworms i had pretty much all pupated so i just released maybe 20-30 moths into the outside world just now.